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CLARIFIED 5 week version: 2/27/22 – 4/2/22 | HELD 10 month extended version: 2/27/22 – 12/18/22

Get Honest, Get Clear, Get Closer to the Life You Deeply Desire...

The idea of transition feels exciting but hazy. If you could just get clear on what you really wanted deep down, you think you could build habits that are aligned with your vision.

Maybe you’ve been caring so deeply for others that you’ve lost touch with your own dreams. Maybe you’ve just been busy and need a place to get curious and explore new ideas. Underneath it all, even if you aren’t sure what you want… you know you want your life to FEEL different than it does right now. You crave a life made up of choices rooted in love, not anxiety. You long to have ample space and time for what really matters to you instead of feeling pulled in fifteen different directions. And you believe that finding clarity must be possible for you if it’s possible for others.

Dear one, let me validate those beliefs and shout your worth today: You have FULL PERMISSION to invest in your relationship with yourself and create a life that feels nourishing, calm, grounded, and wildly expansive rooted in all that you love! It’s not out of reach, it’s not selfish, and it IS for you.

HEALING + HELD Edition Note: In this special edition of V&V we’re start with your BODY and center back into your body over and over and over again. Because true, deep desire in ALL areas of our life is felt…not thought. And aligned responsible action? That’s also rooted from your body. Beloved–it’s time to tune in, go neck down and let your body speak and listen to what it’s trying to tell you about the Destinations + Devotions meant for your next chapter. 

In the Values & Vision Intensive program, I’ll blend my trusted coaching methodology with somatic practices + playful group environment to help you:

  • Uncover your deepest longings and shape a beautiful life by building up your self trust and restoring your ability to see clearly
  • Reconnect with what you actually want instead of losing yourself in caring for others or pursuing what you’re told you should want
  • Discover an infinite, renewable source of inner wisdom that grounds you in effortless decision making
  • Move purposefully and intentionally toward your desires (not goals) instead of looking sideways to compare yourself with others
  • Learn how to nourish & resource yourself every day without needing external validation or hoarding in fear that you’ll burn out
  • Feel confident, calm, balanced, and ready to contribute to the world around you without getting sucked into chaos
  • Gain the support you need to take responsible steps forward toward your desires and make your vision a reality

If you’re ready to find the clarity you’ve been missing and carve a path towards your Destinations + Devotions, my group program has all the tools you’ll need! Come join us!

Hey! I'm Shannon.

In my twenties, I was one mother-freakin’ exhausted, burned out DOER. I was focused on crossing things off my list as fast as I could, desperate to find fulfillment.

Get married. Buy a home. Pay off debt. Earn that promotion. Run two marathons, four half ironman triathlons, and a full 140.6 mile triathlon.

Hitting these achievements felt awesome. For a while. Unfortunately, the satisfaction never seemed to stick… and I was bone-deep TIRED from my attempts to find it. So hear me when I say I know how it feels to be drowning in the to-do’s of someone else’s agenda for your life. I get that on a very personal level.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hiring my own coach helped me break the cycle. My coach gave me the tools to do the deep, personal work to unearth what I wanted my days to feel like, develop compassionate inner rhythms & devotional practices to bring my vision to fruition, and gather the courage to become the leader of my own life again.

Today I’m honored to create safe spaces for other ambitious but exhausted folks to explore and heal their relationships with their deepest selves, find clarity for their future vision, and unlock sustainable JOY in their lives. Will you be one of them?


When you join the Values & Vision Intensive, you’ll get:

  •  A values & vision kit with exercises, activities, and special goodies I snail mail to you in advance to get you ready with all the supplies you’ll need for our group experience.
  • A 5 week group experience via a private facebook group where we move through a series of practices I designed to help you–
    • Ground in current state of 8 core areas of your life
    • Resource yourself in moments of anxiousness
    • Discover & practice honoring your unique body’s YES & NO
    • Name the Destinations you’d like to get to through focused prompts in 8 areas
    • Identify & Shift into Devotions needed to embody the new path calling you forward.
    • NOTE: Our bodies will be a constant guide for us on all of the above.
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls moving through the practices for the week, spaciousness for us to share, support & encourage each other and receive coaching real time!
  • Supportive group of like-minded folks ready to heal & cultivate a more fulfilling future together.  
  • OPTIONAL ADD ON (for additional fee): 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching call if you desire to dive deeper more privately into any area as you work through this group experience.


The initial 5-week immersion to get you clarity on the destinations & devotions for your next chapter. Enjoy your kit, our Facebook community and let the process unfold!

This is for the person that longs for clarity and feels great about their own capacity to reshape & embody their new devotional path after that. 

An investment of $321.


The initial 5-week immersion PLUS an additional 9 month container (Apr – Dec 2022) including monthly open group coaching calls, daily voxer access + support, and group embodiment practices. 

This is for the person that longs for clarity AND to be lovingly held by me + supported by a group of peers as they reshape & embody the new path.

An investment of $1,234

You might be thinking...

I’ve made and broken promises to myself many times before. Will I actually be able to clarify my vision, set goals, and follow through with them after this program ends? The Values & Vision Intensive isn’t just about starting new habits and checking boxes. It’s about cultivating compassionate self trust and a devotional practice that empowers you to keep your fire alive moving forward at your own pace, in a new way, with intentionality.

Dear one, you have permission to drop the hustle that hasn’t been working for you anyway. I’m here to remind you of that as often as you need it.

And I know our V&V members join the program because they want to make changes in their lives, and that’s important to me too. That’s why this edition includes the option to be HELD with a group of your peers as you embody a new path forward.

If you desire more 1:1 support after the intensive to make sure you’re able to shift your behaviors, I can bump you to the top of my 1-on-1 coaching waitlist and offer you the next available spot. Working with past V&V members is my favorite and I’d love to give you more personal support if you’re craving that level of intimacy

What do you ACTUALLY long for? Let’s get curious for a moment.

Do you long to find more opportunities to volunteer for a cause you care about, or pare down your schedule so you have more time to rest?

Do you long to form a daily gym habit that you can keep like clockwork, or create a more gentle schedule of joyful movement each week?

Do you long to start hosting family dinners at your house, or do you need to find a way to communicate with your loved ones all across the country more often?

At first glance, the subtle shifts might be hard to spot. But by digging deeper and taking stock of your actual needs and desires, you’ll be able to see where your habits are misaligned with your values and what needs to change to help you get closer to the goals that actually matter. The answers are already inside you. My Values & Vision Intensive simply provides a framework for unearthing them so you can see them in the light.


Business/Career, Finances, Holistic Health, Family & Friends, Life Partner, Personal Growth, Fun & Leisure, and Physical Environment.

Values & vision intensives are whole life focused. We talk about 8 areas of your life–career is just one of them. If you’re looking for focused & ongoing support in reinventing your career I encourage you to book an initial consult and see if we might be a good fit for a more long term private coaching engagement. 

Yes, I am here for YOU. I’ll be supporting you within the community as well as giving you personal coaching during the live group coaching sessions. I can’t wait to support you as you take this journey. And you’ll also have the option of booking in an add on bonus 60-minute 1:1 session with me during our time together at a reduced rate of $150 if you ever need it.

The program will kick off on Thursday, 3/3 at 7pm central time.

1 weeks before the start date (unless it fills before then…which it usually does).

The investment is a single payment of $321 (see what I did there? Let’s get you READY!) for the CLARIFIED path only.

The investment is a single payment of $1234 (see what I did THERE?!? Let’s support you as you rise) for the CLARIFIED + HELD extended version. This includes an additional 9 months of group support in the form of monthly open coaching calls, group Voxer support from me any time you need it, and ongoing embodiment practices. 

The weekly live coaching calls are scheduled for 90 minutes each week. I encourage you to set aside an extra 30 minutes a week to dive into embodiment practices, workbook, kit content, and our Facebook group.

CLARIFIED: The coaching sessions will take place on Thursdays at 7pm CDT. They are all recorded and you’ll receive the recording within 24 hours of the coaching session.

HELD EXTENSION: The open coaching calls will take place either on the last Thursday of every month at 7 CDT OR on the last Saturday OR every month at 11am CDT.

Don’t worry at all! You can send in questions ahead of time, I’ll answer them on the call, and you’ll have access to the session recording within 24 hours of each live coaching session.

Because of the small group nature of the program, there are no refunds. You’ll get out of the program what you put in, so if you show up and fully engage, you’re going to have an awesome experience!

Dear one, you are meant to embody the life you DESIRE!

It’s not selfish. It’s not too big of an ask. It’s not a luxury.

It’s your birthright to change the things that aren’t working for you so that you can thrive.

You are so safe to tune into your body, get your hands dirty, and see what you find.

And I’m ready to go all-in to support you as you shape the life you long for.

We’ll ask your body + mind great questions to reflect on the now and the not yet.

We’ll evaluate what’s hindering you and identify what you actually want.

We’ll illuminate a clear path forward so you can make real, joyful progress.

All you need to do is accept the invitation and commit to showing up.

Kind Words from Past Clients