Great to meet you! I’m Shannon and I’m on a mission to create an abundance of self-aware leaders who know not only how to lead and transition a team, cause or business…but also how to lead and transition themselves incredibly well. I believe that empowered and self-aware leaders can change the world and that starts with you.

As a certified coach, I serve my clients by providing them with a forum to establish goals, listen to them openly & actively, ask powerful probing questions, offer different perspectives, and reflect back to the client what I observe. Together we create a space for reflection, ideation and experimentation so that they might achieve their goals and move toward their vision of a more fulfilling future. 

I use my Hudson Institute Coaching Certification, ICF accreditation, and 12+ years of personal expertise in leadership & transitions to help my clients find and navigate a clear path forward. I’ve had the privilege to build & coach many incredible, high performing leaders and teams within corporate America. I’ve also experienced personal career transition moments of layoffs, burnouts, and turnarounds. For the past 3 years it’s been my greatest pleasure to support 100+ clients through their own leadership & career transition moments.

My coaching philosophy is rooted in acting as a curious, courageous, and compassionate “student of my client” encouraging my clients to become an excellent student of themselves as well. My coaching style is described as approachable, perceptive, and emotionally agile. It’s my hope that every client leaves feeling heard & ready to tackle the work in front of them.

I welcome the chance to get to know you better! Schedule a free initial coaching consultation. Share your story & goals with me. Ask all the questions you might have about me, my coaching style, and the coaching process. And together let’s ensure this is the best fit to support you, your team and/or your business to get you exactly where you want to go. 

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