You crave a sense of purpose and clarity on the direction you're headed.

You keep trying to “make it work.” You’ve put in the extra hours, hustled your way to a promotion (or many) and a big raise, experimented with a new hobby, tackled a giant task on your home repair to-do list, successfully cut out caffeine…

And yet, the sense of deep satisfaction from reaching those goals doesn’t seem to stick around for long before it vanishes again. You know it’s time for a change–and not just in what you’re doing. But also how you’re BEING. 

“What haven’t I tried yet? How am I still not satisfied? How the hell do I plan my way out of this? Why don’t I know what I want my next chapter to look like? Why can’t I just figure it out already?! Is it selfish of me to want more than this? Nevermind… forget I asked.”

If you’ve asked yourself these questions more times than you can count, you’re not alone. 

Dear one, you deserve to feel happy all the way down to your bonesYou were made for more than just getting things done. You are safe to build your own compass and follow it. And you have permission to expand into the fullest, most aligned version of yourself. It’s time to stop the cycle of looking for yet another plan and start slowing it down. It’s time to  look within to illuminate the path forward.

Hey you. I'm Shannon. Here's my own life transition story...

In 2015, my personal addiction to work was at its peak. I had been climbing the corporate ladder for a decade. I had things to prove, people to please, perfection to pursue, and self-judgment to pass that was only paralyzing me. For ten years, my husband asked me for just one thing: “Please stop being so hard on yourself. I love you and I just want you to be happy.” Couldn’t he see I was way too busy for that?! Death was my wake up call. In 2016 we lost 5 people in 5 months, 3 of them undeniable achievement addicts near my same age. It totally broke me. I had been running at 200 mph… for what? Joy? Because there sure as hell wasn’t a lot of that around. Something had to give.

It took some time and a lot of deep, personal work to unearth what I really wanted my life to feel like. But after working with a coach, I learned that the secret to finding lasting happiness didn’t come from making another plan or hitting another goal. It came from developing compassionate inner rhythms–new ways of BEING with myself and others–that gave me the courage I needed to take action toward the deep-seated joy I actually wanted to live from. I’ve finally become the leader of my own life… and it feels so GOOD.

Today I’m honored to create safe spaces for other ambitious but exhausted folks to explore and heal their relationships with their deepest selves, find clarity for their future vision, and unlock sustainable JOY in their lives.

Will you be one of them?

My Credentials & Coaching Philosophy

I use my Hudson Institute Coaching Certification, ICF accreditation, and over 12 years of personal expertise in the corporate world to support my private and group coaching clients. In the last 3 years I’ve helped over 200 incredible individuals & teams find and navigate clear paths forward through their own leadership, life, and career transitions. 

Most of my clients come to me hoping to find external solutions to their frustrations. What they don’t always know is that courageous, compassionate inner work is often needed to create lasting change. When you work with me, I’ll create a safe space for us to get curious, reflect, brainstorm, and experiment together as we uncover your vision for a more fulfilling future and make progress toward your goals. 

I’d love to chat with you about your story and answer any questions you might have about me or my coaching process. Let’s make sure working together is the best fit to get you exactly where you want to go.

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