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You’re no stranger to setting goals for your professional and personal life and you’ve reached them one by one. But honestly? You’re exhausted. The euphoria you feel when you get there seems to last only for a moment before fading again… and you’re totally worn down from the chase. The secret? Finding fulfillment that lasts is about so much more than following a plan and checking all the boxes.

Real, lasting joy comes from a state of being, not just doing.

Hi, I’m Shannon. You can call me Shan.

No matter what your inner critic tries to tell you, your happiness matters. It’s not self indulgent to seek fulfillment at work and at home. Sustainable happiness should be part of what makes up your whole self. Have you visited with that person recently? Your whole self?

Have you pressed pause to sit with your thoughts, feel what you’re feeling, and just be? Exploring your inner world is the first step toward uncovering life-long joy that overflows into your outer world. As a private and group coach, I love creating safe spaces for driven folks to dig deep and find the clarity they need to move forward.

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