You long to feel more personally fulfilled and professionally impactful. You’re craving meaningful work-life satisfaction. You’ve been living & working from a place of exhaustion–one where your morning routine feels like more an application of war paint as you suit up for battle listening to a pump up playlist just to get you through your workday. You’re ready for a change. 

You want to believe it’s possible for you to be happy & fulfilled in your work again! You’re craving a clear path & plan to help you achieve that kind of joy again. You want to feel like a brilliant genius meaningfully contributing during your work day and then get to go home at night able to be present for the people you love–including yourself.

I know you have a rich future ahead of you and you are ripe with potential! And you may be craving some support to clarify direction, establish next steps, shift behaviors, and take action to get you where you want to go.

Tell me if this sounds a bit like you: 

  • Usually high performing and high achieving (though you might feel a little confused and unsure of where to go next right now)
  • Prone to work-life imbalances and maybe a dose of perfectionism
  • Usually driven to tackle big goals, but you feel a bit burned out and exhausted right now
  • Deeply care about other people personally & professionally. Some might even call you a people pleaser…
  • Highly self-responsible for your growth & development
  • Ready & open to working with a coach

MY COACHING is for you if:

  • You’re seeking to clarify your vision & move toward a more fulfilling future.
  • You have a rough sense of initial goals you’re looking to accomplish–you have some sense of that vision of you at your best again.
  • You’re curious and committed to growth
  • You want access to new models, tools, and ways of thinking to further build your self-awareness and change your behaviors in order to achieve your goals.
  • You’re open to observation and feedback from a coach as I mirror back what I see and act as a student of you.
  • You’re also open to self-reflection ready to act as a student of yourself too. 


Most engagements range from 6 – 12 sessions depending on the scope of your goals. We typically meet twice a month.

Sessions can be billed on a monthly payment plan at $450 / month ($225 USD / hour session) or paid upfront in full ($200 USD / hour session rate).

A Note: Accessibility matters to me. I never want the financials to be the barrier for a person committed to change. Reduced sliding scale rates are sometimes offered at my discretion at the initial consult assuming it’s a relational fit. These are most often extended to folks working in fields of education, government, nonprofit, or spirituality with a deep personal commitment to social justice & equity. 

Request an initial consultation below and let us first clarify if we’re the right fit based on your goals and customize an investment that works for you.


Coaching is a very successful modality for individuals with:

  • some sense of initial goals (they may change over time, but it gives us a starting block!)
  • commitment & motivation
  • a willingness to engage in reflective practices
  • open to feedback/observation
  • an innate interest in their own development and growth

Coaching (what I do) is future focused in helping a client identify and achieve a desired future state. My role as “helper” is to lead from behind allowing you as the client to choose the pace and direction of our work together. We partner together to achieve outcomes such as clear goals, vision, plans, working through internal & external obstacles to achieve forward progress. 

Consulting is problem-solving focused in fixing a known issue and achieving greater results. A consultant’s role as “helper” is as an expert or even teacher who helps fix an organizational problem directly. The outcome in working with a consultant is often opinions and recommendations. 

Counseling/Therapy is healing the past focused in examining repeated patterns of behaviors. A therapist’s role as “helper” is to lead the process through questions, observations, and advice. The outcome is often focused on healing the past.

Mentoring is focused on advancing in an organization or networking through an understanding of politics. A mentor’s role as “helper” might be in sharing past experiences acting as an “expert” helping the “novice.” 

1. We begin with a free initial consultation where we get a better sense of each other, your goals, and the behaviors (ie: things you may need to learn & unlearn) to support you in getting to the desired future state. If we choose to work together we then we…

2. Begin our coaching work by discerning the current state & clarifying your desired future state. 

3. We then build a coaching plan listing your goals, how we’ll define success, strengths, obstacles, and what inner & outer work might be necessary to get you to this desired future state. 

4. We execute & revise the coaching plan. At the highest level–in each coaching session you choose what element of the coaching plan you’d like to work on that day continuing to do the reflective work, external & internal work necessary to achieve your goals. 

As your coach I support you as you work toward important changes & action you believe will lead you to a more fulfilling future. During the coaching process, my complete attention and focus will be on you. The coaching process is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals with support and guidance. I will provide a forum for you to establish your goals. I will ask powerful and probing questions and offer different perspectives all while helping you achieve what you want most in your career and in life.  Everything we discuss will be confidential. Remember, I am always in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.

What I do as a Coach:

*  Listen to you openly and actively
*  Ask powerful questions
*  Reflect/mirror back to you
*  Offer different perspectives
*  Provide structure
*  Assist in setting goals, planning and strategizing
*  Hold you accountable for what you want to achieve
*  Trust you to make your own decisions
*  Show up with your best interests at heart
*  Tell the truth
*  Believe in you and your highest abilities

What I do not do as a Coach:
*  Do your work for you
*  Judge you
*  Give you legal or financial advice
*  Take responsibility for you or your actions

Make your coaching sessions a priority in your life. We are a team accomplishing more together than either of us could do alone. For this to happen, you’ll want to:

  • Be prepared for each session having an initial topic(s) in mind that relate back to the coaching plan we started to establish in our initial consultation. Choose the topic(s) that reflect what you truly most want to explore.
  • Participate fully in coaching sessions including doing things like:
    • Identifying skills, behaviors, and goals for improvement
    • Assisting in the design of follow up assignments and practices as they apply to the coaching goals
    • Practice the new behaviors, approaches, or exercises associated with the implementation of our plan
    • Observe progress throughout the coaching process.  
  • Be completely truthful with me and with yourself providing feedback throughout the engagement. 
  • Let me know if something isn’t working for you. 
  • Be willing to stretch beyond your current comfort zone
  • Have fun and enjoy the process!

I focus on measuring results with my clients at 3 different levels: 

  • Level 1: What are you learning?
  • Level 2: How are you behaving differently?
  • Level 3: How are those new behaviors creating positive, measurable impacts in your life & work? 
  • I am…in the dream role I created for myself. 
  • I am… creating an environment where the people that work with me are engaged, achieving positive results, and experiencing doors opening because of me. I am also feeling fulfilled.
  • I am… happy with where I’m working. This looks like a company with a start up feel, open culture, young & vibrant office, touching & feeling product all day long,  working in brand strategy/ pd&d/ packaging, working with a team where there’s women in leadership, and having a flexible lifestyle. 
  • I am… kicking ass! Proactive & the master of my own destiny. The power is back in me as I drive my career.
  • I am… creating new opportunities more connected to my passions and future vision in & outside of work!
  • I am…back in a role that aligns with my best skillset finding time at home and not at meetings at night.
  • I am… clear on next steps professionally & with my company.
  • I am… having new, fruitful and fulfilling experiences in my life!
  • I am…able to walk out the door with work undone & it will be ok because the process & trainings will allow my team to handle it.
  • I am…120% authentically & proud of who I am. (Authentic = reflective, introspective, focused on growing me, capable of change/reinventing, fun, carefree, blunt, feeling like I can do anything).
  • I am…an effective & inspiring human and leader.
  • I am… happy with myself by my own standards content with what I’ve done and what I’m working toward.
  • I am…a sophisticated senior leader continuing to elevate my leadership style.
  • I am… in a new role where I feel proud of what I’m doing & excited for the future. I’m doing something that aligns with my strengths, skills & passions.
  • I am…feeling confident I made the right decision, part of the new company’s culture, continuously developing, comfortable but uncomfortable (holding that tension).
  • I am…working with much better balance. I’m smiling & happy with a calm mind and energy! I’m spending more time with family & friends.
  • I am…living a simpler life & launching my own business in a way that leaves me feeling joyful, calm, present, at peace. I’m lighter, creative, open and have fresh energy.  I’m seeing more date nights w. my spouse. I’m taking my time more—not rushing.

…I could go on an on! But hopefully this gives some perspective on the headline visions some of my past clients had for themselves and our work together.

  • Leadership – both of self and of others
  • Transitions – coming into a new role or organization seamlessly or transitioning into a new chapter of life, path, etc.
  • Career Clarity – where am I going? What do I want next?
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Self-Trust
  • Self-Reflection
  • Communication
  • Taking Risks
  • Self-Awareness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Boundary Building
  • People Pleasing
  • Loosening the grip on perfection
  • Assertive Communication
  • Executive Presence
  • Delegation
  • Relying less on external validation
  • Flexibility & agility in the face of change
  • Collaboration
  • Dealing with conflict

In each session we will spend some time catching up briefly and talking through how your goals or intentions have been since our last session if you wish. We will then set the agenda for our call. Anticipate a question like “What would be helpful to spend time on today? As we spend time on that, what would you like to walk away with?” Then we begin coaching on the agenda you’ve brought forth. At the end of each session we allow a few minutes for reflection on key learnings, takeaways, and how you’d like to move those forward into actions until we meet again. 

Yes! I absolutely want clients to share their stories, wins, disappointments, and thoughts about their coaching experience throughout the process. I want to know what’s working and not. Between sessions if clients want to ask questions, share your story, or bounce some ideas around, they are encouraged to do so via email or text and I’ll respond within 48 business hours (Mon – Fri) or sooner if I can!

Kind Words from Past Clients