Values & Vision Healing Edition: Clarified – 2/27 – 4/2/22


A 5 week group coaching experience via a private facebook group where support & community will happen daily

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What’s Included:

    •  A values & vision kit with exercises, activities, and special goodies I snail mail to you in advance to get you ready with all the supplies you’ll need for our group experience.
    • A 5 week group experience via a private facebook group where we move through a series of practices I designed to help you–
      • Ground in current state of 8 core areas of your life
      • Resource yourself in moments of anxiousness
      • Discover & practice honoring your unique body’s YES & NO
      • Name the Destinations you’d like to get to through focused prompts in 8 areas
      • Identify & Shift into Devotions needed to embody the new path calling you forward.
      • NOTE: Our bodies will be a constant guide for us on all of the above.
    • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls moving through the practices for the week, spaciousness for us to share, support & encourage each other and receive coaching real time!
    • Supportive group of like-minded folks ready to heal & cultivate a more fulfilling future together.

NOTE: Because of the small group nature of the program, there are no refunds. You’ll get out of the program what you put in, so if you show up and fully engage, you’re going to have an awesome experience!